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Presentation “stickiness” is a byproduct of going deep with recommendations, delivering practical takeaways, and having engaging presenters. We strive for all three.

The foundation of our programming is our ongoing research on affluent investors and financial professionals. Through these parallel research studies, we remain current on the most effective strategies.

Our mission is then to deliver these finding in a way that’s useful and entertaining. We want every participant to walk away with a few “a-ha” moments and a few “I should get back to that” reminders.


why you should consider us

Always Fresh Material
We continually update and improve our content.

Ongoing Independent Research
This lends third-party credibility to our messaging.

Three Engaging Presenters
Matt, Stephen, and Kevin are all conference favorites.

Best-in-Class Follow-up
We’ve tried it all and know how to stay top-of-mind.

Responsive Home Office
Our team is your team for seamless, effective programs.



dedicated, polished, professionals

Matt Oechsli, MBA

Stephen Boswell, MBA

Kevin Nichols, MBA


acquisition, teams, social media


here's some recent feedback

We had a GREAT meeting with Matt today – he knocked the cover off the ball, as usual!  I’d like to keep your content, support and best ideas front and center as much as possible. THANK YOU!

Stephen, Thank you so much for your participation and partnership. Advisors were raving about both sessions, and I heard “best conference ever” several times!

Kevin is a phenomenal presenter whose subject matter expertise, delivery and ability to read his audience have increased the impact of our content and have gained the attention and trust of our FAs.

Matt was awesome! He opened a lot of minds. Now it’s our job to keep them moving forward. Thank you for all of your help in setting the event up. We are most appreciative!

Stephen, Thanks again for making this a great event.  So much information was exchanged. Now it’s time to implement!

Kevin is the type of speaker that understands his audience and content so well that he leaves you wanting more! Make it a point to see Kevin in action, you will not be disappointed!

Feedback on Matt in Miami was fantastic!  Can we please book him for LA?

Stephen and Kevin, you guys have been a great addition to our program – your energy is contagious!

Matt, I wanted to thank you for taking the time to personally come and present to our advisors.  I shared how successful the program was with senior management – there was a lot of interest!

Stephen, Thank you for your hard work and flexibility yesterday.  The feedback is already coming in strong and I am glad I got you out here. It was an absolute pleasure working with you.

Kevin, Great speakers are always off the cuff!  Would you be open to sharing 10 minutes of your time on public speaking tips.  You are my favorite speaker so far.

Please pass along our gratitude for Matt’s presentation last week. It was definitely well received by our advisors!

Matt did a great job for us in Chicago.  All of the feedback has been great, both from the advisors, and from my Divisional.

Kevin, Just wanted to send you a note to say thank you for doing a great job on main stage with our guys. You pulled out some really good stuff, and you really made the gang feel comfortable and look like seasoned professionals.

we strive to leave audiences happy

and meeting planners looking good


Group sizes range from keynotes with audiences of well over 1,000, to in-office meetings of 20.

Our in-depth research and practical exercises enable us to deliver everything from 60 minute keynotes to workshops ranging from a half-day to multiple days.

Yes.  We are often asked for a series of 5, 10, and 20 workshops.  We offer bulk discounts accordingly.

Yes!  This is another value-add enabled by our ongoing research.  We use our latest research for all our presentations which are customized to the audience.

There will always be 2-3 actionable take-aways from our keynote presentations; ah-ha’s triggered by current research presented in a practical ‘how-to’ nature.

We speak to a wide variety of audiences – from top producers to rookies, teams to solo-practitioners, wirehouses to independents, and advisors to insurance agents.

Absolutely! We highly encourage prep-calls as it enables us to fully customize our presentations.

You can call 800-883-6582 or complete this form.

Yes.  It is typical for attendees to receive our books, to reinforce our message beyond the presentation. Bulk discounts range from 25-49 = 30% discount, 50-99 = 40% discount, 100+ = 50% discount.

Virtual Training
Some might call these webinars, but they’re so much more. With live video of the presenters, screen sharing, and audience interaction, they’re a great solution for keeping the message alive after a presentation. Virtual training can be done as a single session, but it’s ideal to host a series.
Achiever Groups
Best in groups of 8–15, Achiever Groups offer a platform for our presenters to reinforce key concepts, encourage peer sharing, and increase accountability for months after the in-person training.  Groups meet every two weeks, discuss key topics, then agree on homework assignments for the next period.
Short Term Coaching
One-on-one coaching sessions are an ideal follow-up to in-person training. Advisors get four individual coaching sessions with one of our Performance Coaches to help them fully incorporate the right activities into their business. The advisors love the one-on-one nature of this coaching as it’s completely personalized.

Yes. Because we have three highly rated speakers, we are usually able to accommodate last minute requests.