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The Oechsli Institute conducts multiple research projects each year designed to help financial professionals, from individual advisors to executives, to make better decisions in their business.  This research helps shape our financial advisor coaching, speaking engagements, and webinar series.   We focus on seven critical groups:

  1. Affluent Investors
  2. Financial Professionals
  3. New Financial Professionals
  4. Wealth Management Teams
  5. Sales Management
  6. Wholesalers
  7. Support Personnel

We work closely with a team of statisticians to make certain that every research project we conduct passes the strictest of research standards. Since our research began in 1999, we have established a reputation of up-to-date, trendsetting research.

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The Oechsli Institute is a great partner for creating research-based thought leadership whitepapers.  We typically work with two types of firms:

  • Mutual Fund and Annuity Companies: This co-branded research serves as a platform for their wholesalers to deliver true value-added services to financial advisors.
  • Brokerage Firms: Customized research projects designed to address specific concerns, questions and issues they would like to be addressed. Independent research on topics such as client loyalty, advisors satisfaction, advisor needs, and benchmarking against proven performance criteria.