Social Media Automation – Aegis

$450.00 USD / month

Core Services – What we do every month….

  • Content Curation – We curate the latest and greatest social media content on the web and post regularly on your behalf.  We also develop a handful of branded posts with your logo and color scheme. Quantity: 3/week
  • Strategic Engagement – We interact with your clients, COIs, and prospects on various social networks.  Quantity: 20/month
  • Article of the Month – We provide you with an exclusive finance-related article you can post on your website and social media profiles as if it were written by you. Quantity: 1/month

Campaigns – You pick a marketing focus…

In addition to our core services, you are able to select one campaign to run every 60-day period.  If you’d like to run more than one campaign at a time, there will be an additional fee and you may add it in the Optional Services section below.

  • Database Builder –  We collect contact information from people in your target market on either Facebook or LinkedIn. This campaign is ideal for clients who want to build a database of potential clients and plan to nurture the contacts we provide.
  • Maximum Awareness -We put you and your brand front and center. We can either build up an online audience of engaged followers, give out free branded content (e.g., whitepaper), or share original videos or articles far and wide across social media. This campaign is ideal for clients with original content or who want to build a following online.
  • Conversation Starter -We use Advanced Search to identify people in your target market, connect with them, and message them on your behalf. This campaign is ideal for clients who want to start conversations with strategic LinkedIn contacts.
  • Website Traffic – We use multiple methods of driving engaged users to your website or landing pages. This is ideal for client who have a feature-rich website with a clear call-t0-action.

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Optional Add-On’s