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Is it really a good idea to dabble with social media marketing?  Or pawn it off to a team member? When you need financial advisor social media advice, give us a call. We know how to use social networks for advisor growth.

We’ve coached thousands of advisors to improve their brand and increase their reach.  Not to mention, we are specialists in driving online engagement. Let us take control of your social media marketing and use our experience on your behalf. A social media marketing manager would cost $60,000 a year, plus benefits. We’re only $6,000/year and you don’t even have to invite us to your holiday party.

Core Services

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Strategic Engagement

We interact with your clients, COIs, and prospects across your social networking sites. This strategy is all about top-of-mind awareness.

Content Curation

We curate the latest and greatest social media content on the web and post regularly on your behalf. We’ll even work with compliance.

Article of the Month

Every month we provide you with an exclusive finance-related article you can post on your website and social media profiles. You can use these articles freely as if they were written by you.

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Financial Advisor Social Media Campaigns

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Warm Prospecting

We first identify targeted prospects in your market. Then we connect with them and message them on your behalf. This is a numbers game akin to modern day cold-calling.

Facebook Ads

We first help you define your targeting criteria. Then we design the graphics and run Facebook ads on your behalf. Our focus is creating awareness and driving targeted prospects to your site.

Branded Content

We create quote cards and other visuals that perform really well for financial advisor social media. By adding your logo and brand elements you get all the credit.

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LinkedIn Advertising

When it comes to targeting by job title, function, and industry, LinkedIn Advertising is the place to be. In this campaign, we create and launch a custom ad for you.

YouTube Advertising

Videos are the fastest growing form of content on the web. We can help you place ads on other people’s YouTube videos and add targeting criteria like keywords, demographics, etc.


You know those ads that follow you around the web? It’s called remarketing and we can do that for you. This is a great example of cutting-edge financial advisor social media.

Branding Booster

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Our designers create high-quality, consistent branding across your networks.

when people say work smarter, not harder...

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An absurdly low $500 per month.


Yes, if you:

  • Want a turnkey solution for financial advisor social media
  • Don’t have the time/energy to do it yourself
  • Want to be waaaay ahead of the competition

Social Media Automation requires a minimum commitment of 12 months and then goes month-to-month. We see these as long-term financial advisor social media partnerships.

You can expect to build an elite online presence, increase engagement with top contacts, run next-level digital advertising, increase web traffic, and spark meaningful conversations with ideal prospects.  We are financial advisor social media specialists!

It’s just $500 per month – a steal when you consider the time you save and the effort we put in.

This is one of our pet peeves.  We’ve hired our fair share of digital experts in the past and they often leave you wondering what they’re doing.  Not with us!  Our clients get monthly updates so that you can see the efforts we’re making on your behalf.

Everyone on the team should understand what we’re doing and how they can add value to your digital presence as well. Financial advisor social media isn’t a one person endeavor.

We work with every type of firm – from wirehouses to RIAs.  We work to understand your opportunities and your limitations and we build your game plan accordingly.

We primarily focus on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.  These sites tend to produce the most benefit with financial advisor social media.  We will work with you to determine which sites are most appropriate for your audience.

We know… be wary of anyone calling themselves “experts.”  However, we spend an inordinate amount of time working on financial advisor social media and we even wrote a book on the topic.  Candidly, you could search the web and find a digital nerd who may know a little more, but they don’t know the financial services industry or the affluent.

Our work ranges from solo practitioners to consulting the largest firms in the industry.  Fortunately for our financial advisor social media clients, you get Fortune 500 know-how at a solo practitioner price range.

As part of the $500 package, we polish your online brand, provide the core services, and run our campaigns.  This is done for up to three accounts.  If you’d like us to take over more than three accounts or run multiple campaigns at once, we can do it for a small additional fee.