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Financial Advisor Marketing Courses

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Activity Analytics

If you want to get in shape, you start tracking your diet and exercise. If you want to build wealth, you start tracking your saving and spending habits. If you want to build a thriving business, you start tracking the activities that will propel your business forward.

While activity tracking is basic in theory, implementation takes incredible self-discipline. It will require you to be honest with yourself regarding what activities you’re avoiding. You should think of activity tracking as the ultimate form of internal accountability. 

*Video: 1 session
*Digital Resources: Weekly & Monthly Activity Scorecard

Power Pipelines

Your pipeline is your best future indicator of marketing success. Why do so few advisors track it? Join us and learn best practices for pipeline tracking. We’ll get you focused on the right prospects, using the right metrics. Gone are the days of “pipeline filler,” adding everyone you’ve ever thought about having as a client. Having an accurate pipeline is the foundation of prospecting self-accountability.

*Video: 2 sessions
*Digital Resources: Power Pipelines™ Guide, Power Pipelines™ Excel Tracker

Language Matters

What you say and how you say it in affluent circles can make or break your marketing efforts. Financial advisor marketing in affluent circles-today-is what cold-calling was 35 years ago. This is why you need seamless sales skills. Today’s affluent don’t like feeling they’re being sold. Yet, without realizing it, many financial professionals come across as salespeople in social settings. Why? Because of the language they use.

Language Matters is a 4-part series that will teach you everything you need to know about successfully navigating affluent social circles-how to position yourself, bring in new clients, and create clients for life.

*Video: 4 sessions
*Digital Resources: 3 Cs Language Model Scripts, Personal Branding Survey, 7 Dress for Success Principles, Mastering Introductions Guide

Super 7 Marketing™

This course is an overview of the 7 core most effective financial advisor marketing strategies for attracting clients with more than $1 million investable – straight from our latest research. These activities include Unsolicited Referrals, Proactive Introductions, Professional Alliances, Social Prospecting, Intimate Social Events, Educational Events and Social Media.

These are not overly complicated strategies, but many professionals fall short in their execution – both the quantity and quality. For example, two different professionals can both ask for personal introductions, with one seeing far more results than the other. The skill component in these Super 7 Marketing Activities™ is of critical importance.

*Video: 7 sessions
*Digital Resource: Super 7 Marketing Strategies™ Guide

True Differentiators™

In our increasingly noisy marketplace, many of your competitors claim to be the best; providing unique access to investments, the most comprehensive planning, or the highest levels of service. Granted, just because an advisor uses these selling points, doesn’t mean they are “walking the talk.” Many fall short in delivering on their promises. How can you set yourself apart? In this webinar, we help you define, articulate, and demonstrate your True Differentiators™.

*Video: 1 session
*Digital Resource: True Differentiators™ Guide 

Winning the Inner Game of Selling

Success in sales, like success in life, is won and lost on the 7-inch playing field directly between the ears — our MIND. In our 35+ years of coaching, we’ve found that high levels of success are not linked to an advisor’s IQ, the educational institutions attended, or the number of degrees earned.

More importantly, high achievers learned to harness their mind power so it works for them, rather than against them. We refer to this as the “Inner Game of Selling.” Less than 10% of today’s financial advisors have learned how to win this inner game.

You will discover how to develop the mental habits of high achievers, how to think BIG, establish BIG goals, activate the positive endorphin flow associated with leaving your comfort zone, and how to develop the discipline that will enable you to achieve your dreams.

*Video: 4 sessions
*PDF Resource: Quantum Growth Process™, Self-Hypnosis Audio Series

Word-of-Mouth Influence Hierarchy™

We use a simple, yet powerful metric to measure Word-of-Mouth Influence with advisors; the number of referrals received in the past year. These could be unsolicited, by way of personal introduction, or from referral alliances. In this 2-week series, we’ll explore the components of the Word-of-Mouth Influence Hierarchy™ and review the actions that lead to higher levels of new business.

*Video: 2 sessions
*Digital Resource:Word-of-Mouth Influence Hierarchy™ Guide

Optimal Office Communication

The research we’ve conducted on wealth management teams over the years has provided us with a clear picture of how the best teams operate. One of the elements that we find consistently woven throughout each of these high performing teams is effective communication. This provides a higher degree of clarity around roles and expectations. Communication is also the medium with which priorities are consistently reinforced at all levels.

*Video: 1 session
*Digital Resource: Optimal Office Communication Guide

The Art of Selling to the Affluent

Get ahead of your competition by developing a complete understanding of today’s affluent; how they think, how they make buying decisions, their likes and dislikes, and how they use social media. This is the foundation of proper financial advisor marketing.  You will learn the essentials of relationship marketing, discover how to execute high impact activities, and build a business development routine that works. Word-of-mouth influence is a major impact factor with today’s affluent. Activate this positive influence by delivering Ritz-Carlton quality service that creates affluent buzz.  All based on the book, The Art of Selling to the Affluent.

*Video: 4 sessions
*Digital Resources: Relationship Index Excel File, Know Your Client Worksheet, Know Your COI Worksheet, Service Commandments, Educational Event Checklist, Intimate Event Checklist, 10 Power Scripts

Service is the New Sales

It’s time to let your service do the marketing! When was the last time you had a mind-blowing customer experience? Maybe your mechanic left you in awe by giving you a free tire rotation for being a loyal customer. Or perhaps your roofer went above and beyond the call of duty by showing up at your house after a storm to ensure there was no damage. Sadly, most of us have to think hard about such an experience. For the most part, great service is hard to come by these days.

Most financial professionals claim to provide high-level service. But the reality is that only 20% of today’s affluent feel like they’re getting excellent service from their primary financial professional. Let us take you and your team on a journey to elevate your service to Ritz-Carlton status-to create a client experience that permeates affluent buzz. You’ll learn the four key components for transforming your current level of service into a marketing machine.

*Video: 4 sessions
*Digital Resources: Know Your Client Worksheet, Pre-Client Review Letter Template, Review Meeting Follow-Up Letter Template, Client Review Notes Template, Client Experience Survey

Your Perfect Day

Have you ever had a moment at the end of a long day where you thought—wow, I got a lot done today? Most of us have. It’s a good feeling. Maybe you wouldn’t call it “perfect,” but it represents an ideal 24 hour cycle of your most important actions. We want to help you have more days like this! Your Perfect Day™ is a way to approach every day with a template that’s built for success.

*Video: 1 session
*Digital Resource: Your Perfect Day Guide, Daily Planner

Intimate Social Events

Intimate Social Events have a positive impact for both strengthening the loyalty of current affluent clients and attracting new affluent clients. We’ve taught this tactic for over a decade and have had the pleasure of using this concept with some of the best advisors in the business. In doing so, we’ve seen phenomenal successes up close and personal. This webinar series is a culmination of our research and experience on what works (and what doesn’t) when it comes to Intimate Social Events for financial advisor marketing.

*Video: 4 sessions
*Digital Resources: Event Planning Form, Event Checklist, Intimate Events eGuide

Referral Alliance Accelerator

Learn how elite advisors develop healthy relationships with other professionals that generate a steady flow of referrals. Most financial advisor marketing plans approach referral alliance relationships the wrong way. The result, advisors don’t get as many referrals from CPAs and attorneys as they should. This series will take you step-by-step through the process by which elite advisors find, develop, and manage these powerful relationships.

*Video: 4 sessions
*Digital Resources: Know Your COI Worksheet, LinkedIn COI Presentation, CPA Alliances eGuide

Elite Financial Teams

Financial teams do not achieve elite status by accident. Take your team to the next level by modeling the best practices of today’s elite teams. It takes a concerted effort and a focus on the 15 Performance Factors consistent within the elite teams we researched. We studied 1,350 teams from all channels; wirehouses, regional firms, Independents and RIAs – and have consolidated their best practices into this 4-part webinar series.

*Video: 4 sessions
*Digital Resources: Business Plan, Identify Team Member Communication Styles, 9 Key Areas Wealth Management Assessment, Getting Social Sales Brief

Digital Reconnaissance

Want the latest techniques for researching clients and prospects? Join us for an advanced session on digital reconnaissance. The focus of this webinar is uncovering intel that’s helpful in building rapport, without coming across as a stalker. You’ll learn how to find passion points, key connections, and ideal client “smoke signals.”

*Video: 1 session

The Science of Questioning

How do some people carry on a natural “back and forth” in conversation, while others seem stilted, dry, or intense? Join us and learn the science behind asking great questions. We’ll analyze the wording, structure and timing of your questions to help you develop meaningful rapport and showcase sincere empathy. In this webinar, we’ll get pretty technical, because technique is everything in the science of asking great questions.

*Video: 1 session

Facebook Selling Essentials

Facebook is the fastest growing financial advisor marketing platform. Join our to use Facebook for sourcing names, deepening client relationships, and profiling your prospects. We’ll teach you proven techniques for landing new business – without coming across as intrusive.

If you’ve never used Facebook… You’ll leave with an understanding of why it’s important and precisely how you should use it. If you use Facebook personally, but not for business… We’ll change your perspective and teach you techniques for landing new clients using a tool you already use and understand. If you think you’re already good at using Facebook for business…Great – want to be the best?

*Video: 4 sessions

LinkedIn Social Selling

Want to learn the social media secrets of elite advisors? Buckle your seat belts! We know the specific tactics financial advisors use to acquire new clients using LinkedIn. In this series, we’ll help you find new ideal prospects, establish your online brand as the premiere professional choice in your community, and deepen connections with clients and COIs. Walk away from this 4-week series with a proven sales strategy and systematic routine—all based on our independent research and focus groups.

*Video: 4 sessions

Social Media Mastery

Ready to get advanced with social media? A major opportunity exists for financial professionals who understand how to use social media to reach their audience, build influence, and convert. Social media doesn’t replace the traditional sales process-it amplifies it. Whether you’re wirehouse, independent, or RIA, this webinar series is built to keep you cutting edge and relevant in today’s digital world.

*Video: 4 sessions