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Our commitment is to provide the most comprehensive financial advisor coaching in the industry.  Our program thrives on the accountability of a personal coach, while offering exciting and informative live events and online courses.

We’re not here to ask you what’s working, then tell you to do more of it.  Our financial advisor coaching is based on ongoing research. We know what’s working and we’re here to shake up your marketing and practice management.  Our sweet spot is financial advisor coaching built to help you bring in more business.

The Power of Personal

one-on-one sessions spark behavioral change

Best Practice Sharing

We are hooked on idea collection, compilation, and dissemination.

Unbiased Opinions

We don’t work for you, you don’t work for us, we call it as we see it.

Bigger Thinking

We encourage you to set your sights high, and take big actions.


How likely are you to change without a coach?
This match represents the spark that financial advisor coaching can offer.


It’s our mission to see that the most important actions are getting done.

Skill Development

Plan, execute, and debrief – skills improve with repetition and focus.

Routine Building

Financial advisor coaching creates consistency with the right behaviors.

Expanding Your Zone

Elite advisors consistently do what many others won’t even try.

The Advisor Coaching Experience

a proprietary coaching-training formula

A chemistry beaker that speaks to the great combination of financial advisor coaching and oechsli institute training.
  • Two personal coaching sessions per month

  • On-demand access to financial advisor coaching

  • Unlimited live event access

  • Oechsli Learning Center access


Our pricing is straightforward:

  • $3,000 down and $595 per month

  • 12 Month Minimum

Learning Center Included

on-demand courses to broaden your team's horizons

We excel in digital content.  Our Learning Center courses are filmed in our professional studio and loaded with best practices.  Our coursework is focused on key areas of advisor development:

  • Growth

  • Mindset

  • Skills

  • Metrics

  • Service

  • Digital

  • Team

Coaching Retreats Included

a two-day client acquisition conference you won't soon forget

Best Practice Sharing | Strategic Planning | Skill Development


our twelve month averages

$19mm in new assets
21 new clients
117% more marketing activity
116% higher quality marketing
73% more confidence in marketing
94% better pipeline

Get Started

we look forward to working with you


our clients like us


Yes, if you are:

  • Serious about growing your business and not looking for a “quick fix”
  • Ready to make an investment in yourself and your business
  • Willing to embrace financial advisor coaching as part of your team
  • Ready to implement daily business development and practice management activities
  • Prepared to disrupt bad habits that have been getting in your way
  • Open to honest and candid feedback

The majority of our coaching clients consider their coach as a cost-effective, pace-pushing virtual member of their team. Our most successful clients have long standing multi-year relationships with their coaches, which leads to major transformations in their daily habits, affluent sales skills, client service delivery, and team dynamics. We don’t ask you to sign multi-year contracts, our clients simply find value in the program and want to stick around longer.

Our most successful clients have been in our program 3+ years.

We coach financial advisors, insurance agents, teams, wholesalers, and managers.

Quantitatively, our average client triples the amount of new assets they acquire within three years. On an annual basis our average client:

  • Brought in over $19MM in new assets
  • Added 21 new clients
  • Increased their production by 22%

Qualitatively, our average client’s perception of their:

  • Marketing activity increased by 117%
  • Goal focus increased by 116%
  • Quality of their pipeline increased by 94%
  • Confidence in their marketing increased by 73%
  • Affluent sales skills increased by 50%

If you’re interested in learning about this from our clients’ perspective, see our testimonials.

We are extremely careful in matching you with the right coach. All aspects of a “fit” are considered; personality, goals, experience, expertise and strengths. This match-making is essential for a long standing relationship.

With that said, all of our coaches are industry experts and have completed our comprehensive coaching certification program. However, stylistically, every client’s needs are different.

The Performance Coaching Program requires an upfront down payment and a manageable monthly fee.

You will have structured sessions twice a month and full on-demand access. This frequency of financial advisor coaching pairs nicely with our ongoing digital learning and live events.

Every coaching session starts with our Quantum Growth Process™. This will set you on a transformative journey—setting the stage for a lifetime of personal and professional growth. This will be the roadmap on which you and your coach will work. Step-by-step, each coaching session will build on the previous coaching session and take you closer towards achieving your goals.

Your coaching sessions will be both collaborative and instructional, with accountability woven throughout. You and your coach will work together to determine the best way to put structure and discipline around your affluent sales and marketing efforts.

Each session will end with the action steps to complete before your next coaching session. Your next session will begin with a discussion of your progress towards those action steps.

There are many additional resources, all designed to enhance your coaching sessions and accelerate your transformative experience.

Coaching Retreats

Our retreats are specifically tailored to complement your coaching experience and accelerate your transformative experience in our program.

There will be exercises, peer-to-peer creative thinking, best practice sharing, and proactive affluent sales skill training. Matt Oechsli, Stephen Boswell, and Kevin Nichols lead many of the sessions, and are three of the industry’s top presenters.

These retreats are extremely motivating as well as an ideal forum for learning and growth. Most coaching clients attend every live event.


You have access to all of the Oechsli Institute webinar series throughout the year.  The webinars take a deep dive into critical growth topics such as; Referral Alliances, Wealth Management Teams, Social Media, The Art of Affluent Selling, Service, and more.  There are sessions held almost every week and team members are welcome to join.

Oechsli Learning Center

You will be given access to our Oechsli Learning Center™ — an exclusive resource for coaching clients.

From your desktop, tablet, or smartphone, access the industry’s best courses on affluent selling, professional alliances, intimate social events, elite teams, LinkedIn, Facebook, and more. We’ve also included over 100 role play videos, The Stephen and Kevin Show, digital copies of Oechsli books, and all of our most popular downloads. This cutting-edge tool is only available to our coaching clients.

Research and More

You also have unlimited access to Oechsli Institute’s home office, whether it’s research reports, PPTs, personal guidance, or specific questions – everyone is committed to enhancing your coaching experience.

While our coaching program is designed to fit the needs of most professionals, some of our clients find the need for additional services. We offer DISC behavioral assessments with an expert debrief, social  media automation (posting to social profiles on your behalf, etc.), and onsite services (where a coach visits your office and team in-person). These services are all available for an additional fee.

You and your coach will determine the best way to incorporate other team members into the coaching experience. Some of our clients want every team member on every session, while others prefer to selectively incorporate team members. Either way, the pricing is the same.

Also, because unlimited webinar access is included for your whole team, we find that this is an excellent way to provide additional training.

We take great pride in selecting the best coaches available. We get scores of resumes every year, but only a few select candidates make the cut. Our coaches are committed to excellence – for their clients and themselves. After all, you can’t coach what you don’t do.

Our program has a number of unique components:

  • It is based on over 20 years of independent ongoing research on affluent investors, elite financial professionals, elite teams, and more recently social media. We know what the affluent are looking for in a financial professional, the marketing to which they respond favorably, and what they don’t like. We also know what the best professionals and teams do to acquire and develop loyal affluent clients.
  • It is customized to your needs. Our tools and resources enables your personal coach to work with you in developing a personal roadmap for your coaching experience.
  • Financial advisor coaching is a one-on-one personal relationship.  Our coaches become a “virtual” team member.
  • Our coaches are industry experts. These are not “life coaches” or failed financial professionals. We pride ourselves on having the best coaches in the financial services industry.
  • You have access to a plethora of additional resources that have been outlined.

program comparison

Learning Center on-demand content library
Benchmarking Assessment
On-Demand Video Courses
Worksheets, Templates, and Quizzes
Pro Group a weekly group series
Benchmarking Assessment
On-Demand Video Courses
Worksheets, Templates, and Quizzes
Live Weekly Group Video Sessions
Weekly Group Session Recordings
Coaching one-on-one advice
Benchmarking Assessment
On-Demand Video Courses
Worksheets, Templates, and Quizzes
Live Weekly Group Video Sessions
Weekly Group Session Recordings
Admission to Oechsli Retreat
One-on-one Coaching Sessions
On-Demand Access to Your Coach
$3,000 down + $595/month