Stephen Pappaterra, J.D.

My experience in wealth management and sales spans over 30 years.  Early in my career, I spent nearly a decade in full-time sales working with investments and trust funds.  I believe that I bring a slightly different perspective to my clients, having spent my career as a wealth management executive working with high and ultra-high net worth clients.  In addition, since we at Oechsli so strongly advocate networking with centers of influence, my experience as an estate planning attorney is also useful.

Why do you coach?

I believe that some people are naturally drawn to coaching.  It began early in my life coaching baseball, then teaching drums, and serving as an adjunct professor.  For 14 years, I was responsible for a group of roughly 100 attorneys, CPAs, and CFPs, where my work included a significant amount of performance coaching.  Moreover, I have taken every opportunity to be on the “other side” of coaching – taking years of music lessons from renowned drum and percussion teachers to working with actors and speech coaches on presentation skills.  Even now, I take hitting lessons in my never-ending search to become a better player in the hardball leagues that I play in.

How would you describe your coaching style?

My style is encouraging, but I will not shy away from providing frank and detailed feedback.  I have personally worked with instructors who were content to accept “good enough” as good enough.  Feedback following any kind of performance or deliberate practice is essential for improvement.  I try to be as specific as possible and avoid abstractions.  I also make extensive use of recording, where feasible and appropriate, so clients can hear for themselves how they come across.

What are some of your personal interests and hobbies?

I am a professional drummer and percussionist who works frequently in the Philadelphia area playing for professional productions, such as shows, cabarets, and big band concerts.  I am also an avid hardball baseball player.  I voraciously read in the fields of performance psychology and principles of practice and performance.

What do your clients say about you?

My clients enjoy my energy and commitment.  A theme that persists is my ability to make interesting connections between seemingly disparate elements, and to look “beneath the surface” at what is often less-than-obvious.  My favorite testimonial involved a wealth management executive who said I helped her to “show up at full measure.”  Knowing my own tendency to “play small” sometimes, I can usually recognize it in others and help them see the full value of what they can offer to others.