7 Tips for Effective LinkedIn Messaging


In this episode of the Stephen and Kevin Show, we offer 7 tips on how to effectively message prospective clients on LinkedIn. A few years ago, we rolled out a progr­­­am that enabled financial advisors to outsource their social media to us. It’s grown to a point where we’re sending thousands of LinkedIn messages on behalf of financial advisors every month. Consequently, we’ve learned a lot.

There is no perfect script. If you thought this video would give you a text you can copy and paste, think again. While some templates may work from time to time, an effective LinkedIn messaging strategy is much more involved.

A great message is personalized and tailored for your ideal prospect. Instead, we’re offering you a framework to help you craft a perfect script. It’s a formula we use when crafting messages and we often refer to it as the “7 C’s.” Hope you enjoy!

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