Resources for Advisors Handling Volatility

Elite Advisors show their worth in times of crisis. Whether it’s reassuring existing clients and centers-of-influence or reaching out to prospective clients, they plan, prepare, and act boldly.  This is your time. Be the leader who helps clients navigate these turbulent waters.

And remember, it’s ok to complement your client-focused actions with some outreach to non-clients. People in general, not just your clients, need guidance in tough times.  You’re an expert on financial health and there are lots of checkups needed.

Free Resources

Taking a COVID-19 Leadership Role

Article: Taking a COVID-19 Leadership Role

Financial advisors are in a unique position with a book of clients, a pipeline of prospects, and COIs. First things first: it’s essential that you focus on what you can control. By that, I’m referring to the stock market, availability of test kits, etc., which are out of your control. Secondarily, it’s important to be thoughtfully proactive. This is the antidote to panic, fear, depression and all the associated negativity.

I’m going to break this into two buckets: kindness and fact-based advice.

5 Tips for Managing a Remote Team

Article: 5 Tips for Managing a Remote Team

Thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, working remotely has become the new normal. As simple as it might sound, this is not a natural transition for many people. When you add in the fact that schools are closed and children are home, and that people aren’t able to get out of the house as much as they’re accustomed to, you’ve got a recipe for stress. It’s important to help your team remain calm, focused, and engaged.

The following are 5 Tips for managing a dispersed workforce…

How to Conduct Virtual Team Meetings – Effectively

Article: How to Conduct Virtual Team Meetings – Effectively

Let’s face it, most people don’t like meetings. Why? Because even in the best of times many meetings are deemed “unproductive,” which translates to “a waste of time.” Yet our research continues to identify “effective team meetings” as one of the common denominators of both elite financial advisors and elite teams.

Amidst these challenging times…

5 Mind Power Tips to Help You During This Crisis

Article: 5 Mind Power Tips to Help You Through This Crisis

News is streaming in 24/7 from every media source imaginable, and none of it is positive. Couple this with the innate “negativity bias” inherent in human nature and this COVID-19 crisis is like strong winds blowing on a wildfire.

However, the human mind is an amazing thing. If we take the initiative, we can program it to function constructively in a manner that will enable us to better navigate these troubled waters. We are the only species on the planet with this ability. And this doesn’t mean denying the current challenges.


Social Media Posts: Download and Share

You have two options… 1) be silent 2) be a leader online.  We suggest the latter.  Leverage the posts we use in our social media outsourcing program to get your message out. Feel free to personalize them by adding your logo.

Post 1: Uplifting Quote

Post 2: Volatility TV

Post 3: Support Local

Post 4: Wash Hands

Post 5: Healthy Lifestyle

Post 6: Work from Home Tips

Video Scripts: Volatility and COVID-19

Social distancing doesn’t have to mean silence.  Get your message out on video leverage two free scripts from our Oechsli Mobile program. These scripts will need to be updated as more facts and figures are released.

Podcast: Prospecting During Volatility

In the newest episode of The Stephen and Kevin show, we discuss how to prospect in volatile times. We review how to reach out to past prospects, new prospects and clients. Enjoy!

Audio: Stress Reduction Self-Hypnosis

Fun Fact:  Matt Oechsli is well-schooled in the art of hypnosis.  In times of crisis, our mindset is more important than ever.  This recording is meant to help you de-stress your life.  Take a few minutes to listen, then repeat as often as necessary.

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Learn how elite advisors thrive in times of crisis.  Whether it’s creating crisis-time advocates, building a COI outreach plan, approaching social contacts, or leveraging social media, now is the time to take action.

In addition to our newest course, The Oechsli Learning Center has 37 other video courses, scripts, templates and worksheets, to equip advisors with everything they need to run an elite practice.  The best part?  It’s only $99/month.

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While most physical places are closed, social networks are booming.  There is a major opportunity for advisors who know how to leverage social media to both build loyalty and new opportunities.