Social Media Outsourcing – 6 Months

$500.00 USD / month

  • Monthly Social Media Posts: We curate the latest and greatest social media content on the web and post it regularly on your behalf. We also develop custom branded content each month that puts your brand front and center. We avoid content that is promissory in nature or that recommends specific financial advice.
  • Article of the Month: We provide you with an exclusive finance-related article you can post on your website and social media profiles as if it were written by you.
  • Branded Whitepapers: We’ve built a vast library of whitepapers on financial topics important to your clients and prospects. Our whitepapers are great assets to use with campaigns.
  • Objective-Based Campaigns: In addition to our core services, you are able to select one campaign to run every 60-day period.  These include services like Facebook Ads, LinkedIn messenger, and other proactive strategies.

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