Social Media Automation – IPC

$450.00 USD / month

Core Services – What we do every month….

  • Content Curation – We curate the latest and greatest social media content on the web and post regularly on your behalf.  Quantity: 3/week
  • Strategic Engagement – We interact with your clients, COIs, and prospects on various social networks.  Quantity: 20/month
  • Article of the Month – We provide you with an exclusive finance-related article you can post on your website and social media profiles as if it were written by you. Quantity: 1/month

Campaigns – You pick a marketing focus…

In addition to our core services, you are able to select one campaign to run every 60-day period.  If you’d like to run more than one campaign at a time, there will be an additional fee and you may add it in the Optional Services section below.

  • Warm Prospecting – We identify targeted prospects in your market, connect with them, and message them on your behalf.
  • Facebook Ads – We’ll design the graphics, determine the targeting criteria, and run Facebook ads on your behalf.
  • Branded Quote Cards – We will create visually appealing quote cards for you that perform really well on social media.
  • Remarketing – You know those ads that seem to follow you around the web?  It’s called Remarketing and we can do that for you.
  • YouTube Advertising – Videos are the fastest growing form of content on the web.  We can help you place ads on other people’s YouTube videos and add targeting criteria like keywords, demographics, etc.
  • LinkedIn Advertising – For the best of targeting by job title, function, and industry, LinkedIn Advertising is the place to be.



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