Intimate Social Events – Begins Oct 4


Intimate Social Events have a positive impact for both strengthening the loyalty of current affluent clients and attracting new affluent clients. We’ve taught this tactic for over a decade and have had the pleasure of using this concept with some of the best advisors in the business. In doing so, we’ve seen phenomenal successes up close and personal. This webinar series is a culmination of our research and experience on what works (and what doesn’t) when it comes to Intimate Social Events.  Group rates: 2 = $445/person, 3 = $395/person, 4 = $345/person, 5+ = $295/person


Session 1: Building a Buzz-Worthy Event

  • The #1 event the affluent will attend and the #1 event clients will bring a guest
  • Optimal event size and number of guests
  • Using our Event Checklist with clients to garner event ideas and get buy-in
  • Select event themes based on personal interests of clients, guests, and COIs
  • 20 creative social event ideas
  • Plan your calendar of events

Session 2: The Prospect-Maximizing Invitation Process

  • Master the invitation process (scripts included)
  • Ensure your guests bring qualified prospective clients
  • Common mistakes and how to avoid them
  • A surefire way to boost actual attendance
  • Plan & logistics – budget & expenses, venue, refreshments, role of team members, etc.
  • Tips to hosting events on a shoestring budget

Session 3: Mastering the Event Dynamics

  • Have an objective to interact with each attendee – the power of strategic intent
  • How to use our Ultimate Pre-Event Meeting Checklist
  • The art of schmoozing and building rapport with guests
  • Deliver a quick speech to the group to properly position yourself
  • Ensure ample coverage for entertaining guests
  • Deepen social relationships by setting business aside
  • Ask the right questions to uncover intel for future opportunity

Session 4: Following Up and Moving Forward

  • Make follow-up natural and seamless (scripts included)
  • Why follow-up is as important as the event itself
  • How to categorize guests and develop a systematized process for follow-up
  • Ways to ensure your social gathering is memorable
  • Generate additional buzz through social media
  • How events result in new business
  • Keep your social calendar open for reciprocity