New Advisor Training: FastTrack for Growth – Online Course


Our FastTrack for Growth online program is designed specifically for NEW Advisors.

We created this program with one clear objective: to make certain you’re doing the right activities, the right way, to the right target market. You will learn the exact affluent sales skills we teach Rainmakers. You will learn how to penetrate centers-of-influence, the do’s and don’t of generating affluent referrals, how to orchestrate a personal introduction, how to deliver a value proposition without sounding canned, how to handle the “fee” question, how to use reverse psychology, how to position yourself as an expert, and the list goes on and on.

Group rates: 2 = $445/person, 3 = $395/person, 4 = $345/person, 5+ = $295/person


Session 1: Prospecting in Social Circles

  • Learn the profile of today’s affluent (directly from our affluent research results)
  • The 14 criteria most important to today’s affluent investor
  • 3-step model for social prospecting

Session 2: Positioning Statements and Personal Introductions

  • Articulate your value to prospective clients
  • Re-direct your positioning statement in social circles
  • 5 proven introduction scripts to build your pipeline
  • Calculate your introduction flow rate

Session 3: LinkedIn Social Selling Techniques

  • Build a magnetic LinkedIn profile
  • Uncover ideal opportunities through your network
  • Advanced searches to find money-in-motion, retirees, business owners, and much more
  • Use LinkedIn as the new “cold-calling”

Session 4: Facebook Marketing

  • Build deeper connections with clients, prospects and COIs
  • Humanize your business brand
  • Build a following on your business page
  • Develop the ideal mix of content to post
  • Run targeted Facebook Ads to generate leads

Session 5: Intimate Events and The Buzz Factor

  • 30+ creative intimate event ideas
  • Hold intimate events on a budget
  • Spread positive word-of-mouth through Ritz-Carlton service
  • How to Surprise and Delight your key relationships

Session 6: Rainmaker Verbiage

  • Scripted responses to the most common questions asked of new advisors
  • Proactive sales language to ask for the business
  • Respond to common objections and stalls
  • Have seamless business conversations by personalizing your language to sound like you

Session 7: Strategic Referral Alliances

  • 5 first meeting fundamentals with new COIs
  • Understanding how to communicate with accountants
  • Conducting COI review meetings that stimulate reciprocity
  • Taking COIs through your client experience

Session 8: Outside the Box Marketing

  • Creative ways to increase brand recognition
  • Clever tactics that put you in front of new prospects
  • Use technology to create additional touch-points
  • Setting goals and committing to action


Recent Testimonials

“FastTrack for Growth is a great program.  I am a career-change advisor with two years in the business and I felt this program was designed specifically for me and the challenges I face.” – Chris G.  

“Don’t waste time fumbling around trying to figure out which activities pay off.  Sign up for the course and cut to the chase!  Totally worth the money.” – Diane C. 

“FastTrack for Growth has allowed me to think outside the traditional forms of prospecting and will help me be more strategic going forward.” – Kyle S.

“The program gave me a solid understanding, structure, and tactics for building my new business. I enjoyed the homework assignments that challenged us to execute!”  – Jaako K.

“After just two months of taking FastTrack for Growth, I brought in 12 new accounts.” — Daniel W.

“The Cold Calling Process on LinkedIn looks to be a valuable approach that will allow me to show my credentials and expertise, while avoiding stumbling blocks on Cold Calling over the phone.” — Patrick C.

“This program enables advisors to handle growing their business in bite size chunks, without overwhelming at any time. The guidance is not new, but, is proven, and offers a good roadmap to success through effort.” — Jeff K.

“The material in today’s session hit the mark squarely for me.  Both Kevin and Stephen are good sources of information and guidance on how to use LinkedIn to conduct searches to add new clients.” — Thomas B.

“The LinkedIn content was very valuable. The questions to ask and the ARM dialogue also useful.” — Steven H.

“Very engaging and easy to see how your ideas/suggestions could really help me as I build my business.  Now I just have to organize this wealth of information in my mind and follow through with some concrete action!  I’m starting from absolute square one in the field of financial advising rather late in life (53 years old) and I look forward to putting more of your suggestions into play when I actually have clients, COI’s etc. to use them on.” — Kathy S.

“Thank you for the wealth of information. Now that we have a full tool box, we need to continue to do the steps necessary.” — Greg D.

“This program is a great enhancer of your prospecting ideas and actions. The content is worth hearing, no matter what stage you are at in building your business.”  — John D.

“The program gave a solid understanding, structure, and tactics for building new business. I also enjoyed the homework assignments that challenged us to put the material into practice.” — Jaako K.

“As I am advising FAs and helping them grow their business, this was extremely beneficial! Not only to see their hurdles and learning opportunities, but an education for myself. Thanks so much for the opportunity!!  I’ve already used some of the information I’ve learned in my coaching material!” — Kathy K.

“Great program. Everything taught here is practical and actionable. It has changed the way I look at the relationships I have and about the perspective clients. Thanks for everything!” — Randy R.

“I’ve had continued success and results from the FastTrack strategies. Can’t thank you guys enough, this was more than worth the — Hugh T.

“I wanted to thank you so much for helping me get involved in the Fasttrack coaching program. The time and expense have been worth it many times over. The format, content and presentations have been top — Mark C.

“I held a small, inexpensive client event that put me in front of 8 new prospects and an estate planning attorney. The event went great and put some serious new business in the pipeline! I owe it all to the FastTrack program.The idea of even doing the event came to me while listening to the first call. And I doubt that, even if I’d thought of the idea, that I’d have followed through on the idea without the motivation to get out of my comfort zone that the FastTrack program has given me.” — Mike P.

“I’ve had great success contacting CPAs and estate attorneys (the subject of last month’s FastTrack session). I’m analyzing an estate attorney’s own personal accounts right now ($900k) and will probably get his mother’s ($800k) and his mother-in law’s ($500k). Also, yesterday a CPA I visited last month called to let me know he is giving my name along with 2 other advisors to a $10 million client of his. Keep on beating the drum of successful prospecting. Your inspiraton is truly appreciated!” — Lee T.