7 Steps for Developing Successful CPA Alliances eGuide


Elite Advisors understand the power of CPA alliances. With ironclad alliances in place, they begin each year fully expecting some new ideal prospects to come their way—just from managing these professional relationships. We have uncovered that Elite Advisors typically have three to five good partners, not twenty or thirty, and they manage these relationships much like they do their top clients.



Frequent interaction, both social and business, is their recipe for success. Far too many advisors attempt to work with every CPA in town, spreading the introductions around, hoping to create a massive network of professionals. This approach rarely succeeds. For most advisors, there isn’t enough time, energy, and outbound referrals to make it work.

This 7 Steps eGuide will touch briefly on WHY you should narrow your focus and attempt to build more meaningful relationships, but more importantly, it will teach you exactly HOW to do it. We’ve included 38 pages of useful scripts, videos, and templates for you to use—all of which have been gleaned from our research on elite advisors.

You will learn how to:

  • Engage the CPAs of your top 25 clients – the right way
  • Showcase your practice to show CPAs why you’re different
  • Manage the relationship on a personal level
  • Keep your CPA partners engaged throughout the year without simply “checking in”
  • Host official review meetings with your CPA partners
  • Engage CPAs in their communication style
  • Teach CPAs how to use LinkedIn to grow their business
  • Find non-traditional alliances who are open to partnerships
  • And much more!

*This package includes a 38 page downloadable eGuide and 9 interactive videos