360° Branding – Begins Aug 16


In today’s world everything counts. Your personal, professional, and digital brand all impact your ability to build your business. 360° Branding™ will help you analyze your brand from multiple perspectives—helping you uncover blind spots and performance gaps. Are you too salesy in social situations? Does your headshot look like it’s from the 80’s? Are you always late? Get ready, we’re taking you through thought-provoking exercises for reflection and self-improvement.  Group rates: 2 = $445/person, 3 = $395/person, 4 = $345/person, 5+ = $295/person


Session 1: Professional Brand-Polish

  • Create an office brand that’s suitable for the affluent
  • Gather feedback to sharpen your meeting skills
  • Leverage “perks” to showcase Ritz Carlton service
  • Re-assess your deliverables from a branding perspective
  • Giveaway: Professional Branding Assessment

Session 2: Personal Branding Essentials

  • Assess the brand statements made by your home, car, and wardrobe
  • Refine your communication intangibles—listening, empathy, sincerity
  • Determine your personal trustworthiness rating
  • Leverage friends and family for honest personal feedback
  • Giveaway: Personal Branding Assessment

Session 3: Elite Digital Branding

  • Take your digital brand to “elite status” on LinkedIn and Facebook
  • Identify next steps to remain cutting edge
  • Analyze your website/bio using the affluent sniff test
  • Harness your tech-savvy contacts to maximize your digital efforts
  • Giveaway: Digital Branding Assessment

Session 4: Your Leadership Brand

  • Establish the right type of leadership behavior in your office
  • Lead by example—discipline, ambition, self-awareness
  • Leadership lessons from matching and modeling
  • Gather feedback from key associates to improve team cohesion
  • Giveaway: Leadership Assessment