A video meet-up of growth-minded advisors.

Twice a month, the Oechsli crew introduces a new topic for discussion.

Two 30-minute micro-learning sessions every month

*Recordings are sent afterwards.

Learn From Peers


Financial advisors are a creative bunch. When you bring a group together and focus their energies on improving their businesses, great things tend to happen.


It’s easy to become complacent when you’ve built a nice business. Seeing others’ successes helps fuel your fire. Match their effort to match their results.


There are a number of ways to run an elite practice. The more variations you see, the more equipped you are to make the right changes to your business.

Learn From Oechsli


We’re here to force feed the conversation with interesting and helpful topics. We have a wealth of concepts to cover and the list seems to grow daily.


This isn’t a webinar. We’re not here to teach the whole time. We, along with your peers, want to give you real-time coaching on growing and scaling your business.


Your Pro Group hosts are Matt, Stephen, and Kevin, our longest standing coaches. We’re comfortable telling you when we think you’re off-base.

Hear from a member.

Let's Talk

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I'm Ready

$299 per month, six month minimum


Frequently Asked Questions about the Pro Group program

Pro Group sessions are group coaching sessions split into two components. The first half of the session includes best practice sharing from Stephen, Kevin, or Matt. The second half includes a moderated peer discussion. We pose questions and encourage dialogue between participants. Done in punchy, 30-minute time slots twice a month, the Pro Group is meant to provide you with some great information, without clogging your calendar.
Coaching gives you one-on-one guidance from our experts, while Pro Group is built as a “group” format. Coaching is the right option for those looking to help in both ideas and implementation as your coach is there to help you build out plans and routines. Pro Group will give you plenty of ideas, but its on you to determine how they fit into your practice.
Yes, each session will be recorded and hosted in the Oechsli Learning Center for you to access. Please allow 24 hours after each session.
Yes, live video is required. Please keep in mind; the video is not a novelty. It’s an essential factor in creating the depth of conversation we seek in this Pro Group. If the video component gives you cause for pause, please let us know. We are happy to offer some advice.
Most participants won’t have to buy any equipment to participate. Consider these options:Option 1: You can attach a USB webcam to your desktop computer, just make sure it has a microphone. Option 2: You can use the built-in webcam and microphone on your laptop. Option 3: The simplest option is using the Cisco Webex Meetings App on your tablet or smartphone.
Absolutely, please email [email protected] with any topic suggestions.

In this series, you’re paying for group calls, not one-on-one advice. If you find yourself in need of a more hands-on approach, coaching is likely a better fit.

Yes, this program requires a six-month commitment. Why? It’s been our experience that those who “try out” programs for a month or two don’t get as much out of them. Our hope is that you join our Pro Group as part of a career-long commitment to improvement.
Pro Group is meant for individual participation. If you have more than one person who wants to participate, let us know and we can talk with you about quantity discounts.