An enterprise-level, advisor video solution.

Editing at Scale

Let’s face it, videos that are posted straight from a phone don’t look very professional. Without an intro, music, or graphics, they appear a little unfinished by today’s standards. That’s where Oechsli comes in. We edit videos at scale, helping your advisors look professional and on-brand.

Seamless Workflows

Every firm has a unique need when it comes to compliance and workflows. At Oechsli, we adapt our process to your process. We leverage technology to streamline the handoffs between filming, editing, approvals, and hosting.

Managerial Dashboard

We offer the ultimate in visibility for our enterprise partners. Your custom dashboard enables you to view, critique, and approve advisor videos all in one place, even from a mobile app.

Transfers & Hosting

We have time-tested solutions for file transfer, but if you’d like us to use your systems, we’re happy to do that as well. We even offer hosting to make embeds, downloads, and backups as easy as possible.

Advisor Resources


We provide equipment recommendations that can suit any budget. While some of your advisors may have all the equipment necessary, others may need the full suite of camera, microphone, and lighting.


Whether you’d like full scripting that’s approved in advance or you’d like simple talking points for your advisors to follow, we have you covered. We’ve built a library of scripts that can be tailored to your needs.


We provide the advisors with on-demand training tutorials. With better framing, more-thoughtful backgrounds, and upgraded video equipment, we can help them raise their game tremendously.

Let's discuss your video needs.


Frequently Asked Questions about the Mobile Program

The down payment covers three things: your Oechsli Mobile Kit, the planning and coaching time with us, and the buildout of your video template (intro, callouts, etc.).  All you need for the best financial advisor videos!

Our max video length is five minutes.

We’d love to edit your webinars. The pricing is $750 for up to 30 minutes or $1,000 for up to an hour. This includes a prep call before you record to make sure your webinars come out just right.
We include one revision of each video at no additional cost. Additional revisions will need to be priced separately.
Most newer smartphones, Apple or Android, will work with the Oechsli Mobile Kit.
Each additional video is 50% of the monthly program cost.
The goal with a custom thumbnail is to entice people to click on your video. We can do this for you by adding your branding and snazzy titling.  The best financial advisor videos on YouTube all have this.
85% of Facebook video is watched without sound. So if you plan to post your videos through social media, captioning is a smart strategy.
The video package you choose includes up to two videos (basic or plus) or four videos (premium). We will produce up to that amount of videos for you. Unused videos do not roll over from month to month.
When you shoot a video, you’ll be able to upload it using our secure file transfer system straight from your phone.
If you already have the right equipment for financial advisor video, but want to use our monthly scripts and video production, your down payment would drop to $1,700. Most of the down payment goes towards the initial template build-out and consultations, not the equipment.
That’s why we offer Oechsli Studios! Come to our office for pristine homepage footage, promotional videos, or other content that’s going to get a lot of eyeballs.
After the initial 5 minutes we charge $75 in 5 minute increments.
We aim for a 48 hr turn around time for each of your films. If you submit multiple videos in the same day, our goal is to have the first back to you in 48 hours.
We keep your video files for 90 days. After this 90 day period we delete your old files to allow for new content to circulate effectively.

Any time during the month however if you turn in a film within the last 4 days of the month the turnaround time will be delayed an additional 48 hours. 

Yes, you can pause for one month with no additional charge.

We ask that you provide all revision requests within 10 days of receiving your film. After that films will be considered finalized.
These are 15-30 second clips from your full length film. They are commonly used in social media posts such as reels, shorts, stories etc.