Step 1:
Review the Essentials

these are included

We custom design every page of your site.

Every two years, it’s time for a refresh.  This is included!

If you need an edit, just ask.  We’re here to keep your site current and fresh.

We integrate seamlessly with CRMs, mass email programs, and more.

We pre-load your site with our five most recent personal finance blog posts.

Every month we publish a new “Article of the Month” for you to use.

We make sure the user experience is sharp on mobile devices.

We choose industry leading hosts and strive for maximum uptime.

We backup daily to make sure your hard work is safe.

All of our sites include SSL certificates so you can be sure your site is safe.

Step 2: Select Your Copywriting Option

help us get the wording right

With this option, we take the text from your existing website and use it in your new design.  It doesn’t have to transfer word-for-word.  You can tell us if there are sections you don’t want to include or if there is some new text you plan to send us.

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With this option, you provide us a Word file with the text needed for your site.  We have a template you can use to stay organized.

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With this option, we draft your text for you.  We start with a structured interview to help arrive at your differentiators, style, and objectives.  From this conversation, and any related documents you send (bios, prior sites, etc.), we draft your new website text.  After two rounds of your feedback, we’ll produce a final version that represents you in the best possible light.

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Step 3: Pick Your Premium Add-Ons

only if you need them

Let us add a chat feature to your website.  This can work as a “pop-up,” but most people want it nested at the bottom (like on  This is great for generating conversations.

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We can build in an events management feature to your site.  This is helpful if you’re running seminars or other events and you’d like people to register through your website.

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If you want to have a portion of your site that is for “members-only,” we can build that feature in for you.  You can then decide which visitors get access to which pages, resources, and tools on your site.

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Let us conduct your onsite Search Engine Optimization, which includes making sure your pages, titles, tags, content and overall structure are optimized for your target keywords.

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We can create a new logo for you that’s highly-polished and professional.  Our design team will send this to you in different colors and sizes, so it can be used in a variety of applications.

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Websites for financial advisors must be archived for auditing purposes, either by you or your Broker Dealer.  If you need this service, let us know and we’ll get it done for a small monthly fee.

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