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We are on a mission to help financial advisors create more video content.  Why? There’s simply no better way to showcase your expertise than being in a prospect’s newsfeed day after day, week after week.

We often hear advisors say, “If I get people into my office, I close them. I just need to get more people into the office!”  What if that’s not the right objective? In today’s world, you can take your messaging direct-to-prospect through carefully crafted videos.

Oechsli Mobile provides a turnkey video solution:

  • The Equipment –  We send you everything you need for high-end footage.
  • The Ideas – We give you two video scripts per month.
  • The Editing – We polish your videos with edits, callouts, and music.

The Equipment

our three-piece system

The Oechsli Mobile Kit helps you leverage the power and simplicity of a smartphone, without the final product looking like smartphone video.  It enhances your footage in three ways:  

1) Lighting

We provide an adjustable, rechargeable LED light to help you look your best.  It’s hard to look professional if your face isn’t illuminated. 

2) Microphone

While your smartphone can take great video, it doesn’t have a the best microphone.  We provide a high-quality shotgun mic to provide crisp and clear audio.

3) Tripod

The framing and stability of your shot matters.  We provide a tabletop tripod that creates a sturdy platform for seated or standing shots.  

The Ideas

keep your series buzzing


Many financial advisors start a content series only to see it sputter after a few weeks or months.  Keep your series buzzing using our video scripts. We send you two per month on a variety of personal finance and planning topics.  With the equipment and the video ideas taken care of, you’ll be much more likely to stay the course and become a thought leader in your community.  Some of our video scripts include:  

  • 5 Financial Wellness Tips for the Sandwich Generation
  • Be Prepared: 7 Estate Planning Tips
  • 8 Simple Tips for Organizing Your Finances
  • Changing Jobs? Don’t Forget Your Retirement Account
  • 5 Tips for Managing a Sudden Windfall
  • Exposing the Top 8 Social Security Myths

The Editing

a professional look for your videos

Professional editing sets your videos apart from the amateurs.  You send us your raw footage, we polish them up at Oechsli Studios, then send them back to you in a ready-to-post format.  

Cut and Color 

Now, we’re not a salon, but we do want you to look good.  Our cuts are for tightening up your talking points; our color grading to help your exposure and skin tones. 

Graphic Overlays 

We drop in some snazzy graphics that showcase your series title, your name, your logo, or any other callouts that fit your video style.  

Background Music 

We add in background music to help set the mood in your video.  Whether it’s upbeat, silly, or serious, we’ll help you get it just right.


The Advice

we're here to help

We spend a lot of time producing our own videos and have learned what works and what doesn’t.  To begin your work with us, we’ll host a kickoff session and offer advice on how to make the most of your series.  This kickoff session will cover topics like: 

  • Selecting the right video background
  • Presenting well and connecting with your audience
  • Using the Oechsli Mobile Kit properly 
  • Posting your finished videos
  • Developing a consistent video routine

We want you to look great – after all – your results are our results.  

Our Guide

giving you knowledge and confidence

Our Plans

Up to Two Videos per Month
Oechsli Mobile Kit Included
Series Planning Session
Custom Video Branding
Two New Scripts per Month
$1,999 down then $199/month
Up to Two Videos per Month
Oechsli Mobile Kit Included
Series Planning Session
Custom Video Branding
Two New Scripts per Month
Custom Video Thumbnails
Video Captioning
$1,999 down then $299/month
Up to Four Videos per Month
Oechsli Mobile Kit Included
Series Planning Session
Custom Video Branding
Two New Scripts per Month
Custom Video Thumbnails
Video Captioning
$1,999 down then $499/month


The down payment covers three things: your Oechsli Mobile Kit, the planning time with us, and the buildout of your video template (intro, callouts, etc.).

There is a 5 minute max per video.  If you need a longer project, please ask us for a quote.

We include one revision of each video at no additional cost. Additional revisions will need to be priced separately. 

Most newer smartphones, Apple or Android, will work with the Oechsli Mobile Kit. 

You can pause or end services at any time after your 6 month commitment.  If you decide to re-engage services you won’t have to pay another downpayment if no additional assets need to be built.  However, re-engaging will require an additional 6 month commitment.

No worries, additional videos are $100 each.

The goal with a custom thumbnail is to entice people to click on your video.  We can do this for you by adding your branding and snazzy titling.

85% of Facebook video is watched without sound.  So if you plan to post your videos through social media, captioning is a smart strategy.

The video package you choose includes up to two videos (basic or plus) or four videos (premium).  We will produce up to that amount of videos for you.  Unused videos do not roll over from month to month. 

When you shoot a video, you’ll be able to upload it using our secure file transfer system straight from your phone. 

If you have your own equipment, but want to use our monthly scripts and video production, your down payment would drop to $1,700.  Most of the down payment goes towards the initial template build-out and consultations, not the equipment.

Oechsli Studios is meant for high profile, irregular content, whereas Oechsli Mobile is meant for ongoing educational content.  The Studio is great option for pristine homepage videos, promotional videos, or other content that’s going to get a lot of eyeballs.