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Social Media Coaching Topics

LinkedIn Introductions
LinkedIn is an introduction machine! It does a great job of helping financial advisors understand the relationship between people they currently know and people they would like to know. We’ll teach you how top acquirers pinpoint prospects and seamlessly orchestrate personal introductions.
LinkedIn Messenger Sequences
If used properly, LinkedIn can be an extraordinarily powerful cold prospecting tool. But you’ll need a well-defined niche and a messaging sequence that hits all the right pain points. We’ll teach you how to run searches to uncover prospects and help you craft a messaging sequence that delivers results – all without coming across spammy.
Original Content Strategy
What should you write about? What articles should you share? Should you start shooting videos? How about a podcast? Creating original content can feel overwhelming. However, we all know it’s essential for elevating your digital brand. We’ll give your content marketing strategy clear direction.
Do all of your social media accounts have a cohesive look and feel? Do they speak to your ideal client profile? Are they targeting a specific niche? What about a micro-niche? We’ll work with you to ensure your digital brand is both polished and professional.
Facebook Advertising
Facebook’s targeting capabilities are off-the-charts good! We can help you identify ideal clients and keep your messaging in their newsfeed. We know the in’s and out’s of using Facebook Ads manager and can help you create ads that convert. We’ll also share with you our proven copywriting formula.
What should you do with all of those website visitors that didn’t convert? Retarget them of course! We’ll teach you how to use retargeting to move prospects further down the sales funnel. Running ads to warmer audiences almost always produce higher conversion rates.
Posting Content
How often should you post? What day of the week is best? What time during the day? It’s important to think through a posting strategy rather than simply winging it. We’ll show you how to use analytics to determine the best times to post your content. We’ll also show you our favorite tools for scheduling your monthly posts.
Landing Pages
There’s an art to building landing pages that convert. You need a compelling offer, enticing copy, effective media, persuasive calls-to-action, and so much more! We’ll help you create landing pages with your current website or popular providers such as Clickfunnels, Unbounce or Leadpages.

Social Media Coaching Structure

  • Two Coaching Sessions per Month
  • Screen Sharing for Key Principles
  • Specific Follow-up Action Steps
  • On-Demand Access to Your Coach
  • Social Media Branding Assessment

  • $595 per month, Three month minimum

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