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Benchmarking Assessment

Our Benchmarking Assessment is an objective comparison of your business versus others in the marketplace.  We’ve completed three years of research on over 2,250 advisors.  These findings enable you to benchmark your practice versus the industry as a whole and, more importantly, against those in high growth modes.  There are 33 questions designed to help you look at your business from different angles.  This Benchmarking helps you determine which courses to take in the Oechsli Learning Center.


We excel in quality digital content.  Our Learning Center courses are filmed in our professional studio.  We create each course in an hour-or-less format, then split them into smaller sections for easier browsing and viewing.  In watching our videos, you’ll find we are lively presenters, we have great slide decks, and our videos are HD quality.  You can even watch on your smartphone or tablet using our app!


The Learning Center includes more than 25 robust worksheets that link to various course topics.  These not only provide further instructions, they serve as helpful guides for implementation.  Some worksheets are designed as tracking tools, some are built for scripting, and others are helpful checklists.  The only way to get them is in the Learning Center!


How else are we to know that you’re not sleeping through class?  Don’t worry, our quizzes are short and sweet, but are helpful in making sure you’ve got the key points.  After all, there’s a lot of nuance when selling to the affluent.


Course Structure

Our videos are built around the 7 core components of advisor performance, straight from our benchmarking research.  The 7 core components have 33 subcomponents – and each has a related video course.  Check out the course listings below.  Where could your business use some fine tuning?




Our GROWTH courses are all about proactive client acquisition. If you’re structured, consistent, and skillful, the results will be good. We recommend focusing on relationship-based activities as they are proven to work with affluent clients.  Our growth-related courses include:

Referral Alliances
Learn a strategy for finding alliances and building relationships.

Social Prospecting
Master the art of selling in social circles, without being salesy.

Leverage a proven process for helping your clients connect you.

Intimate Events
Learn the secrets of events for your best clients and their guests.

Unsolicited Referrals
Incorporate key behaviors proven to generate more referrals.

Ideal Client Profile
A specific Ideal Client Profile should drive your marketing plan.

Niche Marketing
Learn the secrets of building a niche marketing strategy.


Our MINDSET courses represent the biggest opportunity for advisors. If you’re mentally “dialed in,” you’re much more likely to engage in activities linked to the growth and retention of your client base. Fortunately, there are a number of specific actions you can take to improve your mindset. Our mindset-related courses include:

Uncover the mental attributes that propel your success.

Assess and minimize the mental attributes that hold you back.

$1,000/Hr Activities
Harness the activities that drive your success.

Goal Setting
Learn effective techniques for setting goals for motivation.

Day Planning
Leverage our templates for planning and execution.


Our SKILLS courses focus largely on language. Are you able to ask the right questions, position yourself properly, and articulate what differentiates you from the competition? The industry’s best tend to practice these skills more often than most. Our skills-related courses include:

Elite Advisor Verbiage
Language matters, especially in high stakes sales.

True Differentiators
Discover what truly differentiates your business.

Quality Questions
Questions drive good conversation – we have great examples.


Our METRICS courses create consistency of execution. By keeping metrics on your activities and pipeline (your leading indicators), you’re more likely to stay on track, and less likely to get stuck in a reactive state of existence. Our metrics-related courses include:

Business Scorecards
Use a scorecard for measuring your leading indicators.

Activity Tracking
Track your personal marketing activities, the right way.

Pipeline Management
Use a three-part pipeline process to nudge prospects along.


Our SERVICE courses help put structure around relationship management. In other words, how can you systematize the activities that are proven to deepen client relationships? Our service-related courses include:

In-Office Experience
Elevate your service by working on the “little things.”

Getting Social
Learn our strategies for systematically socializing with clients.

Client Segmentation
Determine the right tiers and service models for your business.

Execute comprehensive wealth management, for every client.

Client Feedback
Feedback helps you make informed decisions.


Our DIGITAL courses have become more and more important as affluent consumers increasingly research advisors online. It’s also increasingly important to have a proactive outbound social media strategy to make contact with ideal clients in your area. Our digital courses include:

Brand yourself online as an elite professional.

Posting quality content can differentiate you online.

Digital marketing requires proactive campaigns.

Many advisors struggle with online leads. Learn our strategies.

Web Presence
Build a stunning web presence and stay ahead of the competition.

Digital Recon
Learn best practices for researching your contacts online.

Build great video content for your website and social sites.


Our TEAM courses require hard work. More and more advisors find themselves on teams, yet few dedicate the energy necessary for these teams to thrive. How are you doing with key areas like communication, structure, and leadership? Our team-related courses include:

Consistency is the key to operational success.

Office Communication
Learn simple, but effective ways to improve team communication.

Succession Planning
Create a multi-generation business that benefits everyone involved.

Leverage our techniques for guiding and inspiring your team.



Part 1: Referral Alliances (9:39)


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Benchmarking Assessment
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Benchmarking Assessment
On-Demand Video Courses
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