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Yes, if you are:

– Serious about growing your business and not looking for a “quick fix”

– Ready to make an investment in yourself and your business

– Willing to embrace financial advisor coaching as part of your team

– Ready to implement daily business development and practice management activities

– Prepared to disrupt bad habits that have been getting in your way

– Open to honest and candid feedback

The majority of our coaching clients consider their coach as a cost-effective, pace-pushing virtual member of their team. Our most successful clients have long standing multi-year relationships with their coaches, which leads to major transformations in their daily habits, affluent sales skills, client service delivery, and team dynamics. We don’t ask you to sign multi-year contracts, our clients simply find value in the program and want to stick around longer. Our most successful clients have been in our program 3+ years.
We coach financial advisors, insurance agents, teams, wholesalers, and managers.
Quantitatively, our average client triples the amount of new assets they acquire within three years. On an annual basis our average client:

– Brought in over $19MM in new assets
– Added 21 new clients
– Increased their production by 22%

Qualitatively, our average client’s perception of their:

– Marketing activity increased by 117%
– Goal focus increased by 116%
– Quality of their pipeline increased by 94%
– Confidence in their marketing increased by 73%
– Affluent sales skills increased by 50%

We are extremely careful in matching you with the right coach. All aspects of a “fit” are considered: personality, goals, experience, expertise and strengths. This match-making is essential for a long standing relationship.

With that said, all of our coaches are industry experts and have completed our comprehensive coaching certification program. However, stylistically, every client’s needs are different.

The program requires an upfront down payment and a manageable monthly fee.
You will have structured hourlong coaching sessions twice a month. This frequency of financial advisor coaching pairs nicely with our ongoing digital learning and live events.
Every coaching session starts with our Quantum Growth Process™. This will set you on a transformative journey—setting the stage for a lifetime of personal and professional growth. This will be the roadmap on which you and your coach will work. Step-by-step, each coaching session will build on the previous coaching session and take you closer towards achieving your goals.

Your coaching sessions will be both collaborative and instructional, with accountability woven throughout. You and your coach will work together to determine the best way to put structure and discipline around your affluent sales and marketing efforts.

Each session will end with the action steps to complete before your next coaching session. Your next session will begin with a discussion of your progress towards those action steps.

There are many additional resources, all designed to enhance your coaching sessions and accelerate your transformative experience.

Pro Group
Pro Group is a weekly video meet-up of growth-minded financial advisors. Every week the Oechsli crew introduces a new topic for discussion. These marketing ideas, practice management tips, and technology hacks serve as your weekly infusion of best practices.

Oechsli Learning Center™
You will be given access to our Oechsli Learning Center™ — an exclusive resource for coaching clients.

From your desktop, tablet, or smartphone, access the industry’s best courses on affluent selling, professional alliances, intimate social events, elite teams, LinkedIn, Facebook, and more. We’ve also included over 100 role play videos, The Stephen and Kevin Show, digital copies of Oechsli books, and all of our most popular downloads. This cutting-edge tool is only available to our coaching clients.

Research and More
You also have unlimited access to Oechsli Institute’s home office, whether it’s research reports, PPTs, personal guidance, or specific questions – everyone is committed to enhancing your coaching experience.

You and your coach will determine the best way to incorporate other team members into the coaching experience. Some of our clients want every team member on every session, while others prefer to selectively incorporate team members. Either way, the pricing is the same.

Also, because access to the Learning Center is included, we find that this is an excellent way to provide additional training for team members.
We take great pride in selecting the best coaches available. We get scores of resumes every year, but only a few select candidates make the cut. Our coaches are committed to excellence – for their clients and themselves. After all, you can’t coach what you don’t do.
Our program has a number of unique components:

– It is based on over 20 years of independent ongoing research on affluent investors, elite financial professionals, elite teams, and more recently social media. We know what the affluent are looking for in a financial professional, the marketing to which they respond favorably, and what they don’t like. We also know what the best professionals and teams do to acquire and develop loyal affluent clients.

– It is customized to your needs. Our tools and resources enables your personal coach to work with you in developing a personal roadmap for your coaching experience.

– Financial advisor coaching is a one-on-one personal relationship. Our coaches become a “virtual” team member.

– Our coaches are industry experts. These are not “life coaches” or failed financial professionals. We pride ourselves on having the best coaches in the financial services industry.

– You have access to a plethora of additional resources that have been outlined.
Pro Group sessions are group coaching sessions split into two components. The first half of the session includes best practice sharing from Stephen, Kevin, or Matt. The second half includes a moderated peer discussion. We pose questions and encourage dialogue between participants. Done in punchy, 30-minute time slots twice a month, the Pro Group is meant to provide you with some great information, without clogging your calendar.
Coaching gives you one-on-one guidance from our experts, while Pro Group is built as a “group” format. Coaching is the right option for those looking to help in both ideas and implementation as your coach is there to help you build out plans and routines. Pro Group will give you plenty of ideas, but its on you to determine how they fit into your practice.
Yes, each session will be recorded and hosted in the Oechsli Learning Center for you to access. Please allow 24 hours after each session.
Yes, live video is required. Please keep in mind; the video is not a novelty. It’s an essential factor in creating the depth of conversation we seek in this Pro Group. If the video component gives you cause for pause, please let us know. We are happy to offer some advice.
Most participants won’t have to buy any equipment to participate. Consider these options: Option 1: You can attach a USB webcam to your desktop computer, just make sure it has a microphone. Option 2: You can use the built-in webcam and microphone on your laptop. Option 3: The simplest option is using the Cisco Webex Meetings App on your tablet or smartphone.
Absolutely, please email [email protected] with any topic suggestions.

In this series, you’re paying for group calls, not one-on-one advice. If you find yourself in need of a more hands-on approach, coaching is likely a better fit.

Yes, this program requires a six-month commitment. Why? It’s been our experience that those who “try out” programs for a month or two don’t get as much out of them. Our hope is that you join our Pro Group as part of a career-long commitment to improvement.
Pro Group is meant for individual participation. If you have more than one person who wants to participate, let us know and we can talk with you about quantity discounts.
Yes, if you want a turn-key solution for financial advisor social media, don’t have the time/energy to do it yourself, and want to be way ahead of the competition.
Social media outsourcing requires a minimum commitment of 12 months and then goes month-to-month. We see these as long-term financial advisor social media partnerships. Our most successful clients have been in our program 3+ years.
You can expect to build an elite online presence, increase engagement with top contacts, run next-level digital advertising, increase web traffic, and spark meaningful conversations with ideal prospects. We are financial advisor social media specialists!
This is one of our pet peeves. We’ve hired our fair share of digital experts in the past and they often leave you wondering what they’re doing. Not with us! Our clients get monthly updates so that you can see the efforts we’re making on your behalf.
Everyone on the team should understand what we’re doing and how they can add value to your digital presence as well. Financial advisor social media isn’t a one person endeavor.
We work with every type of firm – from wirehouses to RIAs. We work to understand your opportunities and your limitations and we build your game plan accordingly.
We primarily focus on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram. These sites tend to produce the most benefit with financial advisor social media. We will work with you to determine which sites are most appropriate for your audience.
We know… be wary of anyone calling themselves “experts.” However, we spend an inordinate amount of time working on financial advisor social media and we even wrote a book on the topic. Candidly, you could search the web and find a digital nerd who may know a little more, but they don’t know the financial services industry or the affluent.
Our work ranges from solo practitioners to consulting the largest firms in the industry. Fortunately for our financial advisor social media clients, you get Fortune 500 know-how at a solo practitioner price range.
Your three accounts are three social media profiles.  For example, it could be your LinkedIn profile, your Twitter, and your Facebook business page.
As part of our standard packages, we manage up to three accounts. If you’d like us to take over more than three accounts or run multiple campaigns at once, we can do it for a small additional fee.

Our flat fee does not cover the ad spend for running a campaign. The recommended monthly ad spend will depend on your Campaign objectives. Contact us directly for more information.

The down payment covers three things: your Oechsli Mobile Kit, the planning and coaching time with us, and the buildout of your video template (intro, callouts, etc.).  All you need for the best financial advisor videos!

Our max video length is five minutes.

We’d love to edit your webinars. The pricing is $750 for up to 30 minutes or $1,000 for up to an hour. This includes a prep call before you record to make sure your webinars come out just right.
We include one revision of each video at no additional cost. Additional revisions will need to be priced separately.
Most newer smartphones, Apple or Android, will work with the Oechsli Mobile Kit.
Each additional video is 50% of the monthly program cost.
The goal with a custom thumbnail is to entice people to click on your video. We can do this for you by adding your branding and snazzy titling.  The best financial advisor videos on YouTube all have this.
85% of Facebook video is watched without sound. So if you plan to post your videos through social media, captioning is a smart strategy.
The video package you choose includes up to two videos (basic or plus) or four videos (premium). We will produce up to that amount of videos for you. Unused videos do not roll over from month to month.
When you shoot a video, you’ll be able to upload it using our secure file transfer system straight from your phone.
If you already have the right equipment for financial advisor video, but want to use our monthly scripts and video production, your down payment would drop to $1,700. Most of the down payment goes towards the initial template build-out and consultations, not the equipment.
That’s why we offer Oechsli Studios! Come to our office for pristine homepage footage, promotional videos, or other content that’s going to get a lot of eyeballs.
After the initial 5 minutes we charge $75 in 5 minute increments.
We aim for a 48 hr turn around time for each of your films. If you submit multiple videos in the same day, our goal is to have the first back to you in 48 hours.
We keep your video files for 90 days. After this 90 day period we delete your old files to allow for new content to circulate effectively.

Any time during the month however if you turn in a film within the last 4 days of the month the turnaround time will be delayed an additional 48 hours. 

Yes, you can pause for one month with no additional charge.

We ask that you provide all revision requests within 10 days of receiving your film. After that films will be considered finalized.
These are 15-30 second clips from your full length film. They are commonly used in social media posts such as reels, shorts, stories etc.
When you sign up, we’ll send you a travel packet that explains where to fly (GSO), where to stay, and some great restaurant options.
For most people, a half day means 3-4 good videos. This also depends on the length of your footage. If you’re going for on-demand webinars, you’ll plan for fewer videos than if you’re planning videos about your process or differentiators.
Most people are. The good thing about having a half day to shoot is that we have plenty of time to let you get into the groove of shooting. We will get some good footage.
Absolutely, we can take videos of you together or separate.
It’s smart to submit your notes to compliance in advance, just to make sure you don’t fly here and shoot some great video, just to realize you’re unable to use it. We can make small edits after production, but it’s better if you get things preapproved.
We’d recommend doing video that will last a while. If you shoot on “what’s happening in the markets,” it becomes outdated quickly. If you shoot on your Differentiators, you’ll have a video built to last.
Well, you’re coming to us instead of us sending you equipment. You’ll shoot fewer videos this way, but the video quality will be superb.

When building financial advisor websites, there are lots of small steps needed to achieve the desired end result. Our process is well-documented and highly detailed. In its simplest form, we start with an intake form and kickoff call that tell us what you’re hoping to achieve. From there, we develop the initial version of your site and provide you with two rounds of revisions to get it dialed in. When compliance has given a final seal of approval, we launch your new website.

Oechsli will design up to 7 pages for you, which includes pages like Home, About, Contact, Process, Services, Resources, etc. Pages like articles and team member bios don’t count towards that total.

We start by sending you a Copy Kit, which is an outline of the text needed for your site, along with some helpful examples. You fill in the blanks, then our copywriters edit and polish your submissions accordingly.

Absolutely, our financial advisor websites are completely editable. Adding new articles, editing text, and adding new team members are all things we’d like you to know how to do. If the edits are more involved (new designs pages or features), we’re happy to do them for you and will give you a reasonable quote for moving forward.

Yes, hosting is part of our financial advisor websites package. We strive for maximum uptime and make regular backups.

If you like cookie-cutter, slim-featured websites, go for it. Otherwise, if you want a high end financial advisor website, we’re a great fit.

If you are looking for a solid financial advisor marketing conference, you should join us. This event is for established advisors and agents looking for a transformative experience in both their personal and professional lives. It gives participants an opportunity to step away from the day-to-day office environment to reflect, plan, and energize. Attendees come from a wide variety of firms and distribution models throughout the financial services industry. This cross-pollination maximizes the best practice sharing that takes place amongst our attendees.
Yes, every event is unique. We present new ideas, templates, and exercises at each retreat to ensure that previous attendees get as much (if not more) value than new attendees. We also use these events to release our most updated research and findings. Learn straight from the affluent—what they want from a financial professional—uncovered from our latest research.
This event is designed to be an interactive experience. It’s a hybrid of presentation, group exercises, individual work, peer-sharing, role-playing, and strategic planning. When you combine three industry thought leaders, experienced coaches, and professionals focused on growth, you get a great financial advisor marketing conference! You’ll walk away with more marketing and sales strategies than any one person can implement.
The system and techniques taught at the retreat, when executed consistently, produce tremendous results. We have done the research on elite performers who have mastered the mindset, activities, and skills needed to reach the highest success levels. Some of the most successful financial professionals in the business use our methods every day.
Many of our attendees bring team members to the retreat. When team members experience the transformative nature of the event, immediate implementation can be expected when you return to the office. Everyone leaves the event on the same page and excited about raising their game. Not to mention, group discounts apply.

Many of our coaches attend the retreat. They help facilitate exercises and provide individual guidance onsite. There will always be someone there to answer your individual questions.

No, this event is a standalone, actionable, transformative program. Our objective is personal and professional development that stimulates growth.
While specifically designed to accelerate the coaching experience, this financial advisor marketing conference is open to the public. You don’t need to be an active client to benefit from this transformative experience. The strategies and tactics you will learn are invaluable.
Assistants (non-producing financial professionals) may attend at a discounted rate of $995.
Yes, if you are a previous coaching client, then you can attend for $995. Call our office to take advantage of this discount at (336) 273-6582.