Rasheed Haneef

I bring over 20 years of industry experience, including many years of training and coaching advisors. My involvement in the industry began in 1998, when I became a Financial Advisor with a major investment service organization. Several years later, I managed the development of all advisors at a competitor organization.

Over the years, I have coached several thousand advisors in building their business, which entails mastering the hard skills of sales as well as the softer skills essential for effective communication. I have designed and facilitated training courses for both developing and experienced advisors. My experience led me to publish my book “Are You a Salesperson or a Business Owner?” which provides the keys to running a successful financial services advisory practice. Licenses I’ve held in my career include 7, 31, 63, 65, life and health insurance.

Why do you coach?

I coach primarily because I love the interaction with advisors. I feel I have a lot of experience to offer them that will help them succeed in building their business for the long-term. I have first-hand experience as to how mis-information in the development phase can lead to careers in this business being cut short. I coach because I enjoy the relationship and love to see the development and ultimate success that can be gained with hard work on both sides of the equation.

What are some of your personal interests and hobbies?

My interests are in reading and also writing. A long-time passion of mine has been as a writer and author of blogs and a published book. I also serve as a mentor/coach for a program called “City Start-Up Labs” in Charlotte which develops millennials for success as leaders and entrepreneurs of business.

I enjoy attending sporting events and spending time with my granddaughter. I also like to cook and consider myself a “foodie.”

What do your clients say about you?

People that I have coached will first say that they love the communication and relationship that we share. Most would consider me a friend and I would as well. Many have even delved into areas that didn’t pertain to their business, to seek advice. They would note that I listen and that I cared about their success. They would also say that I challenged them to be successful or encouraged them when they needed that to move forward. Many of my most successful clients contact me at times, to thank me for all of the success that they have attained in this business. This also goes back to why I coach. I love seeing their success!