James Guilfoil, CFP®

Jim has spent the last 25 years coaching Financial Advisors and their teams on
how to grow comprehensive wealth management businesses focusing on
Affluent Investors. As our industry has shifted and changed, Jim’s work with
advisors has allowed his clients to stay relevant and to continue to grow.

He said, “I’d describe my coaching style as engaging and fun. We’re here to
take care of business, but you’re going to enjoy the experience!” “I coach,” he
said, “because the highest levels of satisfaction I get comes from helping and
guiding advisors to new heights. It doesn’t matter what level you are in your
career, working with a coach helps you achieve your business goals.”

Jim was instrumental in helping us grow our investment advisory firm. His
knowledge, creativity, quick wit, and willingness to help others have been
constants over the years I’ve known Jim. He is a real professional.”
Kirk Greene, President
Greene Wealth Management

Jim has been invaluable to my business in coming up with original ideas on
client events that ring true for my clients. He also seems to be on top of every
cutting edge concept in the financial services industry, and his insight on these
concepts is truly amazing and valuable.”
Bob Rauf, Principal
Meridian Advisors