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Charlie Van Derven

With almost 20 years of coaching experience in the industry, I’ve worked with countless individuals and teams of advisors. Also, having worked with firms such as Morgan Stanley, UBS, RBC, LPL and others to help define digital marketing strategy for advisors, I have a unique glimpse into firm-driven marketing initiatives.

Why do you coach?

I love coaching advisors. First, I appreciate the opportunity to transfer the knowledge I’ve gained throughout my career to others who are in the position to implement and benefit. The ability to help and support others in their careers in extremely satisfying. Second, when I work with an advisor for 60 minutes, it allows me and the advisor to put aside the noise and distractions that we all experience daily. It is time for us to concentrate specifically on processes and success metrics.

How would you describe your coaching style?

Direct and nurturing.

Coaching is about transferring knowledge, developing processes and accountability. It is about identifying the leading indicators (KPIs) and developing a process that allows the advisor to implement on all of the success indicators. Once the process is defined and the advisor buys in, coaching is about training and nurturing the advisor to perform each task efficiently. As the advisor becomes efficient at each exercise, it is important to hold them accountable for the activity.

What are some of your personal interests and hobbies?

As a husband and father, much of my time away from the office is focused on family. Recreation dominates my spare time. Living near the beach, I love to surf and paddleboard.

What do your clients say about you?

Feedback is important. It helps us all gain perspective and get better. My coaching clients repeatedly thank me for taking the time to understand their needs, focusing each of our sessions specifically on those needs. Follow-up is a key component to success. I try to be thorough in all follow-up notes and to make myself available between scheduled calls, should my coaching client have a question or need quick input on a specific situation. I am thanked consistently for these aspects of my interaction with coaching clients.