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Michael Abramson

Michael is a Senior Performance Coach with the Oechsli Institute, with expertise in affluent needs, wealth management teams, practice management, and rainmaking.

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Greg Blackwell

Greg Blackwell brings a unique track record of success as an advisor, wholesaler, Branch Manager and Division Sales Manager. He’s been coaching, delivering motivational keynotes and high-impact workshops for almost 30 years. His success in working with affluent clients stems from work with Fidelity, Smith Barney, Ameriprise, and others.

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financial advisor marketing expert Stephen Boswell

Stephen Boswell, MBA

Stephen Boswell, author of Best Practices of Elite Advisors, is the Chief Operating Officer of The Oechsli Institute. In addition to overseeing The Oechsli Institute’s ongoing research on the affluent consumer and financial advisors, Stephen delivers workshops throughout the US on affluent marketing and practice management. He is also the author of a bi-weekly newsletter for wealthmanagement.com.

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Nick Brait

I began my working career as a chemical engineer and after nine years decided that a career change was in order. It was then that I began my relationship with the financial services industry. Some people may not see a connection between engineering and financial services. The commonality between the two is problem-solving, and engineers are excellent problem solvers.

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Ken Broaderip

In my 30+ years in the financial services industry, I’ve had the roles of advisor, branch manager, and Head of Commodity Futures. Over the past 20 years, my focus has been training & development.

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Theresa Daneman

I bring a unique perspective to coaching having worked as an advisor and wholesaler, as well as in client services, estate planning, marketing and social media in my 20-year career in financial services.

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Jane Dolente

Jane Dolente has over 30 years of professional experience in financial services, executive coaching, management development, and corporate training. She was a Financial Advisor with Legg Mason Wood Walker, the Director of Management Development for Fireman’s Fund Insurance Company, and a founding partner of two specialty training firms serving Fortune 1000 companies.

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Jim Ellick

I have been coaching executives and business professionals at all levels for over 30 years. As a speaker, trainer and coach, I motivate clients by asking significant questions to clarify priorities and focus on the process that enables them to move forward.

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Bill Francavilla, CFP(R), ChFC

As Director of Wealth Management for Legg Mason, Bill led a team of CPA’s and attorneys as they assisted advisors with High Net Worth clients. Working in concert with elite advisors, he helped attract and retain multi-million dollar families and individuals.

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Mary M. Godin, MA, LPA, LPC

I am a Clinical Psychologist and Licensed Professional Counselor who brings 17 years of experience with interpersonal relationships and understanding motivation and human behavior. I have been part of the financial services industry through my husband, as he has been a Financial Advisor for over 20 years. He hired the Oeschli Institute a few years ago, and it has transformed his business.

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James Guilfoil, CFP®

Jim has spent the last 25 years coaching Financial Advisors and their teams on
how to grow comprehensive wealth management businesses focusing on
Affluent Investors. As our industry has shifted and changed, Jim’s work with
advisors has allowed his clients to stay relevant and to continue to grow.

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Rasheed Haneef

I bring over 20 years of industry experience, including many years of training and coaching advisors. My involvement in the industry began in 1998, when I became a Financial Advisor with a major investment service organization. Several years later, I managed the development of all advisors at a competitor organization.

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Bob Jones, MBA

In a financial services career spanning 25 years, I’ve served as a Branch Manager for Legg Mason and Smith Barney. During my tenure at Legg Mason, I ran a regional training center that served as a model for expansion of firm-wide training methods. I also served on the Branch Managers Advisory organizations at both Smith Barney and Legg Mason, where I was selected as Chairman.

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Debra McBeth, CFP(R)

In a career exceeding 35 years in financial services, I have successfully navigated the many changes affecting planning and wealth management strategies.

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Tam Milton

With over 42 years of direct experience with advisors and teams, I’ve gained deep insight on issues that are critical for those looking to achieve elite status. I’ve held multiple positions ranging from financial advisor to senior executive with Merrill Lynch.

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financial advisor marketing expert kevin nichols

Kevin Nichols, MBA

Kevin Nichols is the Director of Coaching and Social Media at the Oechsli Institute and the author of The Indispensable LinkedIn Sales Guide for Financial Advisors. Kevin has an MBA in marketing, coaches advisors and teams on social media usage, writes The Social Media Advisor blog and a bi-weekly eNewsletter for WealthManagement.com.

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financial advisor marketing expert matt oechsli

Matt Oechsli, MBA

Matt Oechsli is a leading authority on attracting, servicing, and retaining affluent clients. He delivers over 200 presentations a year to groups from Sydney to Singapore to Wall Street – bringing his dynamic and practical message to financial professionals, support personnel, and sales management.

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Jeff Orr, MBA, MSL

Jeff Orr is an Oechsli Institute Performance Coach and has been coaching executives and business professionals at all levels for twenty years. As a speaker, trainer and coach, Jeff empowers clients to achieve greater focus, clarity and success.

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Stephen Pappaterra, J.D.

My experience in wealth management and sales spans over 30 years. Early in my career, I spent nearly a decade in full-time sales working with investments and trust funds.

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Carl Reisen, MBA

Having seen what works and doesn’t work during my career, I can quickly diagnose and identify the key elements of successful advisors and teams: 1) a clear understanding of strengths and weaknesses combined with patience, trust and acceptance, 2) humility and willingness to step outside comfort zones, 3) focused goals that leverage strengths and mitigate weaknesses, 4) a consistent application.

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Charlie Van Derven

With almost 20 years of coaching experience in the industry, I’ve worked with countless individuals and teams of advisors. Also, having worked with firms such as Morgan Stanley, UBS, RBC, LPL and others to help define digital marketing strategy for advisors, I have a unique glimpse into firm-driven marketing initiatives.

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Kathy Williams, M.A.

Kathy specializes in coaching advisors on relationship marketing, practice management, social media, high-level service & client loyalty. With 10 years of business development experience across various industries, Kathy has worked with countless advisors and professionals on achieving their marketing goals.

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